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Where To Take Your New Honda Civic In Northeast Ohio

The new Honda Civic is the latest model that has emerged from one of the industry’s most reputable and family-friendly brands. With premium comforts and great fuel economy, it’s an excellent vehicle to take along with you on spring break in Northeast Ohio. Check out these great ideas for spring break sights to visit in your Civic.

 2018 Honda Civic 

Hike to See Local Waterfalls

Northeast Ohio has a number of state parks and scenic hiking trails with local waterfalls, such as Sheepskin Hollow Waterfalls, the Great Falls of Tinkers Creek, and Paine’s Falls.

I-X Indoor Amusement Park


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Understanding Your Maintenance Minder™

The Honda Maintenance Minder™ is a tool that uses dashboard lights to recommend services for your Honda vehicle. Here’s how to use and make the most of this helpful feature.



What does the Maintenance Minder™ monitor?

The Maintenance Minder™ monitors the oil levels and other conditions that affect the engine, such as the ambient temperature and engine temperature.

How does the Maintenance Minder™ work?

An information display number shows the percentage of clean oil…

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