Understanding Your Maintenance Minder™

The Honda Maintenance Minder™ is a tool that uses dashboard lights to recommend services for your Honda vehicle. Here’s how to use and make the most of this helpful feature.



What does the Maintenance Minder™ monitor?

The Maintenance Minder™ monitors the oil levels and other conditions that affect the engine, such as the ambient temperature and engine temperature.

How does the Maintenance Minder™ work?

An information display number shows the percentage of clean oil in your Honda. When the display number reaches 15%, a wrench-shaped warning light will comes one in addition to maintenance codes. Consult your user manual to determine which service is recommended for your vehicle.

How soon should I act?

When the wrench-shaped light comes on, you have a little bit of time to schedule an appointment at Apostolakis Honda for the services your vehicle needs. The light intentionally comes on early to give you time to make an appointment. However, if the display number reaches 5%, you need to schedule an oil change and service immediately.

How do I know what the codes mean?

There are plenty of online resources that have printed the meaning of each code on the Maintenance Minder™. The most common is “A” for an oil and oil filter change. If your Honda shows additional codes, consult the owner’s manual.

If you have any additional questions about the Maintenance Minder™, call us at Apostolakis Honda; we’ll be happy to help you decipher your dashboard warning lights.    

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