Can You Take Over a Car Lease?

Lease Agreement
If you’ve ever wanted to try out leasing without actually creating a lease of your own, then have you ever considered taking over someone else’s lease? A car lease takeover is exactly like it sounds. It’s when you take on whatever is left of someone else’s car lease. If you just want something that you can drive around Warren or want to see what leasing feels like without fully committing to it, then see about giving a car lease takeover a shot.

Learn about the pros and cons of taking over a car lease with Apostolakis Honda as well as how the process works. For all of your car finance and trade-in needs, rely on the finance experts at Apostolakis Honda!

What Happens During a Car Lease Takeover?

How does the process of taking over another Boardman car driver’s lease work? The process is pretty similar to leasing a brand-new car. The only difference is that instead of buying the vehicle or leasing it upfront, you and another driver agree that you’ll “inherit” the payments of the vehicle in exchange for taking over the lease and being able to drive the vehicle.

The specific amount of time you’ll be able to drive the lease for depends on how many miles the previous owner drove the vehicle. You’ll also more than likely have to adhere to the mileage restrictions of the lease.

How Much Do You Pay Monthly in a Car Lease Takeover?

How much will you end up paying month to month if you take over another driver’s lease? The payments are factored with the following information:

Factors That Determine Your Monthly Lease Payments

  • Estimated rate of depreciation on the car by the end of the lease (how much the car is estimated to be worth when the lease is over)
  • The interest rate

Pros & Cons of Taking Over a Car Lease

A car lease takeover comes with its benefits and disadvantages. So, to see if taking over someone else’s lease is a good idea for your current circumstances, take a look at the pros and cons of taking over a car lease below:

Pros of Taking Over a Car Lease

  • Warranty: When you take over a car lease, that vehicle is more than likely still under warranty coverage.
  • Cash Benefits: You may be eligible for potential credits or other incentives from the original lease.
  • No Down Payment: There’s no down payment needed since you’re not buying the car.
  • Less Depreciation: There’s also a slower rate of depreciation on the car since it’s already been driven by someone else.
  • Chance to Buy the Lease: When the lease is up, you’ll have the option of buying the vehicle under the same terms that the original driver would get.

Cons of Taking Over a Car Lease

  • Mileage Restrictions: You’ll still have to follow the mileage restrictions set in the original lease agreement. For most Youngstown drivers, this is around 1,000 miles a month.
  • Wear & Tear: You’ll have to deal with any wear and tear or potential mechanical issues the vehicle may have accrued from the previous driver.
  • Monthly Payments: You might end up with a set monthly payment that’s more than you were anticipating.
  • Transfer Fees: There are transfer fees involved in the lease takeover process.

To get an even better sense of whether taking over another lease is right for you, visit with our finance center experts at Apostolakis Honda. They can answer any questions you have and even assist with the trade-in process if you want to get some extra cash before taking over a lease.

Learn More About Taking Over a Lease in Cortland!

Is taking over a lease worth it? Contact Apostolakis Honda to find out if taking over a lease is what you need. We’ll go over how the process works specifically and what your options are. Don’t forget to check out our other car-buying tips and information on our website!


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