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What’s the Trade-In Value of My Car?

If you’d like to upgrade your Warren drive with a new or pre-owned vehicle, the thought of trading in your current automobile has likely crossed your mind. You can find out how much your vehicle is worth by using the online trade-in value calculator at Apostolakis Honda. Our calculator is a quick and simple way to get an estimate of how much your car is worth, as well as ensure that you get a fair price on your vehicle. In our guide, we’ll help you find answers to the following Honda trade-in questions:

  • How to trade in my car?
  • What’s the trade-in value of my car?
  • Should I trade in my car?

Value your trade-in using the tool above, then contact us to schedule an appraisal at our dealership in Cortland!

How to Trade in My Car

For drivers who have never gone through the trade-in process, it may seem intimidating. That’s why Apostolakis Honda is here to help when you ask questions like, “How to trade in my car?” Follow these steps to trade in your car and upgrade to a new ride:

  1. Use our value your trade-in tool above to get an estimate of how much your car is worth. Once you’ve answered the question “What is the trade-in value of my car?,” browse our inventory of Honda cars, SUVs, and trucks to find the model that suits you best in Boardman.
  2. If your car’s trade-in value doesn’t cover the entire cost of the new vehicle, you can turn to our finance center experts for guidance. They can help you decide whether or not making a trade is the best decision for your financial situation.
  3. If you currently have a balance on your loan, you may ask, “Should I trade in my car?” Executing a Honda trade-in is often a great idea, but it depends upon your individual circumstances. Our team will help you make that call.
  4. When you’re ready to make the trade, bring your vehicle to Apostolakis Honda along with the following items: the title, registration, auto loan payoff information, and key. We’ll then inspect your vehicle and make an offer!

Should I Trade In My Car? What are the Benefits?

Trading in your car is one of the quickest and easiest ways to offset the cost of your new car. No matter whether you choose to lease or finance, you can put your trade-in value towards your new vehicle. Additionally, your car’s trade-in value can also take significantly lower your down payment, leaving you with a lower balance to pay over time.

Bring Your Trade-in Car to Apostolakis Honda Near Youngstown

If you have any additional about how to use our trade-in value calculator, or the overall Honda trade-in process, reach out to us at 800-900-4600 for guidance. Our friendly sales staff is always available to help customers secure the best offer possible for their trade-in. Also, be sure to check out our new vehicle specials to save even more money on your next vehicle purchase.