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Honda Key Fob Battery & Honda Key Fob Battery Replacement

Honda key fob

Honda puts great attention to detail in the design of each part, including the Honda key fob battery. You can trust this genuine Honda part to stand the test of time, but inevitably every battery loses its charge. If that’s the case, you may need to know how to change the battery in Honda key fobs to keep your vehicle accessible in Warren.

Our team can handle the situation for you – we know battery failure rarely happens at a convenient time. However, we have put together this comprehensive guide to teach you how to change a Honda key battery no matter what situation you are in. Explore how to change the battery and how to program a Honda key with Apostolakis Honda today!

What is the Honda Key Fob Battery Type?

Replacing your Honda key battery is easier than you would think. To perform a Honda key fob battery replacement, you just need to get a new battery from any store in Boardman. The Honda key fob battery commonly uses a flat circular 3-volt battery. You can also rely on our parts team to get a genuine Honda key battery replacement, or contact our parts center for the right voltage and size for your Honda model if you are in a pinch!

How to Change Battery in Honda Key Fob

The first step in how to change the battery in your Honda key fob is to access the battery. Follow these steps for an easy way to open and change the battery in a Honda key fob:

  • Locate the button to release the metal key inside the fob. Slide that button open and pull the key out.
  • Carefully place the edge of the key into the slot at the top of the key fob. Wedge the key and lightly twist, the back of the key fob should pop off.

How to Change Honda Key Battery

After opening up your Honda key fob, be sure that the entire fob does not fall apart. If you attempt to simply pull the battery out, you may pop out essential components and create a mess. Follow these tips to keep your fob intact while learning how to change a Honda key battery:

  1. Hold your thumb right above where the battery is located.
  2. Using your other hand, carefully pry the dead battery out and replace it with a fresh one.
  3. Line the back of the key fob up with the front half, and gently press the pieces back together. Once secured, you will hear a snap.

How to Program Honda Key

Now that you know how to change a Honda key battery, you’ll need to know how to program a Honda key to connect with your vehicle. Once you have conquered the task of learning how to change a Honda key battery, programming is easy. You can learn how to program Honda key fobs with these simple steps:

  1. Enter the cabin, securely shut all doors, and have your key and fobs to be programmed ready.
  2. Insert the key and turn to the “On” position. Press and hold the “LOCK” button for one second.
  3. Release the button and turn the key to the “Off” position. Repeat this process twice more.
  4. Turn the key to the “On” position and hold the “LOCK” button on the key fob for one second. Wait for the doors to lock and unlock automatically. Once the locks have cycled, your vehicle is in remote programming mode.
  5. Once again hold the “LOCK” button for one second. Once the locks cycle, the key fob has been successfully paired with your vehicle. Repeat the process with any additional fobs that need programming.
  6. Exit remote programming mode by turning the key to the “Off” position in the ignition.

Visit Apostolakis Honda to Change Battery in Honda Key Fob

Now that you know how to change the battery in Honda key fobs, you can feel prepared to take on the Youngstown roads. If you have any other maintenance concerns outside the process to change the battery in a Honda key fob, you can rely on our team at Apostolakis Honda. You can trust our service center for dependable maintenance. Contact us to learn more about how to open a Honda key fob or schedule service today!


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